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About this project:

This is the Plesk Sync for WHMCS project ("plesksyncwhmcs") home.


Project was registered on on Sept 12, 2010, and is described by the project team as follows:

Plesk Sync for WHMCS is an add-on module for WHMCS to import, control, create and synchronize client hosting accounts with your Parallel Plesk servers. Ensure synchronicity between WHMCS and Plesk.

Coded by:

Shawn C. Reimerdes

sk8master @ Twitter


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Open Source:

The source code for this software is made available free-of-charge, you (or a programmer you hire) can make changes to this software to better meet your needs, and you can release your changed code back to the community passing the benefit on to other users.


Plesk Sync is a WHMCS add-on module to import, control, create and synchronize client hosting accounts with your Parallel Plesk servers.

Synchronize hosting account statuses between WHMCS & Plesk. Finds orphaned hosting accounts that are active in Plesk, but not in billing. Attempts to locates the real owner of the hosting account through domain/e-mail. Imports and creates new clients with invoiced hosting account, including password.

Inconsistencies can start to arise during the nightly WHMCS cron job on the server to analyze due invoices and if necessary, change hosting status on the client server via Plesk API.

Plesk Sync displays all your client servers running the Plesk OS with a compatible API protocol. You can quickly show more detailed statistics such as: uptime, load averages, memory, disk, clients, domains, databases, and mail.

Browse a server to start paging through the client domain accounts existing in Plesk. Accounts are color-coded, tells a diagnosis and resolution through action buttons and contains statistics on disk space and traffic, with a button for the complete client profile.


* Ensure synchronicity between WHMCS and Plesk
* Interactively Suspend or Unsuspend Plesk client accounts
* Import Plesk accounts with invoicing and welcome e-mails * Ajax buttons to carry-out operations rapidly
* Open Source, Freeware


* WHMCS v4+
* PHP5 (with cURL and SimpleXML)
* Plesk v8.1+ for Linux/Unix & Windows (packet protocol >

Future Ideas

* Including Action Log data too keep you aware of server errors
* Dealing with Plesk Site Builder API
* Please submit your code or ideas...

Screen Shots
Account requiring suspension
Account requiring suspension
Browsing Server - List of client accounts on server
Browsing Server - List of client accounts on server
Home - List of Plesk Servers
Home - List of Plesk Servers
Importing an orphaned account
Importing an orphaned account
Successful WHMCS AddOrder
Successful WHMCS AddOrder


Get the latest version from SourceForge: + v1.0.1 Beta as of (Sept-23-2010):


1) Unzip archive.

2) Edit config.php. You will need to edit the following entries:

$whmcs_api_url = '';

$whmcs_addorder_payment = "paypal"; # payment gateway for new invoiced hosting
$whmcs_addorder_billingcycle = "Monthly"; # invoice billing cycle for new invoice hosting

3) Upload via FTP the folder "plesksync" (including subdirectories) to your whmcs web server,
at this location: /whmcs_default_directory/modules/admin/

Usage Instructions

1) Launch program from within WHMCS admin control panel: Utilities -> Addon Modules -> Plesksync

2) You will then see a list of all your Plesk servers, each one will be contacted to determine the protocol supported.

3) Click the Browse Accounts button to begin viewing client domain accounts. You will see the first page of results, a list of accounts with detailed information about each.

4) If there are any issues with an account there will be a diagnosis message and also buttons to make a quick resolution.

5) Resolution options include:
* Suspend in Plesk
* Unsuspend in Plesk
* Verify & Import

6) Follow the instructions given during the resolution process.


WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses.

Parallels Plesk Panel is the leading hosting automation control panel on the market.

Parallels Plesk Panel 9.2: API RPC Protocol Developer Guide:

WHMCS API Wrapper Class (Whmcs.Api.class)
Included is a PHP wrapper class for WHMCS API (Whmcs.Api.class.php). Currently contains the shell for every call, but only the functions used by this software are coded. This is submitted for you to use on your own projects, please contribute any code you have. This should probably be a new sourceforge project...

Utilizes the following functions:
- AddClient (ajaxCreateWHMCSAccount.php)
- AddOrder (ajaxCreateWHMCSOrder.php)
- EncryptPassword (ajaxCreateWHMCSOrder.php)
- AcceptOrder (ajaxCreateWHMCSOrder.php)

Utilizes the following functions:
- client-get (ajaxGetPleskAccountDetails.php, ajaxImportPleskAccount.php)
- server-get_protos (plesksync.class.php)
- domain-get (plesksync.class.php)

The Plesk API very annoying to work with. It took way too much time to figure out how to make it happy.

Release Log

* v1.0.1 Beta (Sept.23.2010) - added newly created WhmcsApiWrapper (Whmcs.Api.class.php). Added auto-detecting of API admin user, to avoid confusion in setup.
* v1.0 Beta (Sept.16.2010) - minor update: added better error exception handling.
* v1.0 Beta (Sept.12.2010) - first public release.

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